A non-invasive, hands-on therapy applied using very gentle pressure

BowenWork, a healing, often miraculous, life-changing hands-on therapy, is revolutionizing the healthcare world!

A simple and powerful technique that helps relieve all kinds of pain, it is so gentle that it can be used on anyone, from newborn infants to the elderly.

The Bowen Technique is not massage, acupressure or chiropractic. There is no manipulation, adjustment or force used.  The practitioner places fingers or thumbs on the skin over precise points on muscles, tendons or other soft structures.  He/she then applies gentle rolling pressure to effect a change in the underlying tissue.   In between each set of moves, he/she will leave the room to allow your body time to begin responding.

These pauses and the gentleness of the treatment are what make Bowen unique.   It offers rapid, long-lasting relief from pain and discomfort.   Most conditions respond within 2-3 treatments.

While BowenWork can help speed up recovery time, it is not meant to replace medical treatment.   However, due to its high rate of success, more and more members of the medical profession continue to be amazed at its effectiveness and have begun to add the Bowen Technique to their practices.

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